August Update

It has been a joy to travel with so many of you as we have journeyed into Life in Uganda over the past four weeks at EastLake Church. We have successfully set up sponsorships for 344 children at the Bright Hope School and Orphanage in the Rakai District of Southern Uganda. This means we came incredibly close to our goal of 400. It has been an honor to share stories and conversations with you as you make this decision to add support. I have faith that as we continue to share with friends and family those last 50+ spots will fill by the end of the year. The continued success of this program is because of the generous donations you have made. If at any point you have any trouble managing that commitment please feel free to reach out via email ( and let us know how we can help. We are here to serve you!

This fall we have a team of 16 heading out to visit the children and school. They will be taking lots of pictures and gathering stories to share with all of you. Each of these individuals are investing their time and finances in order to see the school up close and spend time learning about the children’s needs, desires, and dreams. We will have many other future opportunities and trips. If you would like to be placed on an interest list for the next trip, please email The team will be updating us all while in Uganda and appreciates your prayers for safety and blessings!

I wanted to remind you of ways you can be praying for the kids at Bright Hope. Place a reminder (maybe the picture or bookmark included in your sponsorship bag) in a place where you normally spend some time in prayer. We believe prayer changes things and your prayers are greatly appreciated by both the kids and staff.

Ways to Pray for the Bright Hope School

  • When children finish primary school they must test to enter secondary school. The results of that test determine their futures and what careers are available to them. Pray for the teachers and students who are preparing this year for these important tests.
  • Pray for continued resources and support for Bright Hope. Beyond caring for those in the school, this committed staff travels into the nearby villages looking for ways to help protect kids and keep them healthy. Ask God to bless that work.
  • Pray for health and protection for the staff and children at Bright Hope School.

Once again, thank you for partnering with us and joining in the effort to do for one what we wish we could do for all.

P.S. We have a Facebook page! We would love to see you share a picture of where you have placed your reminders of Bright Hope and your personal prayers for the children.