A great need…a great hope

We would like to introduce you to the founder of Bright Hope, Matovu Fred, and have him tell you his story…

Uganda has been one of the hardest hit areas with regard to the AIDS epidemic in Africa, leaving millions of orphans with limited prospects for a future of health and wholeness. The government of Uganda has not been prepared to deal with this crisis, leaving these kids struggling for the most basic needs.

The Hope Child Care Program is a community-based organization which was started to improve the lives of orphans whose parents died of AIDS and are left abandoned in many communities in the Rakai District of Southern Uganda. Located in the Bulanga Village, the property consists of a school, clinic, dormitories, chapel, a guest house and staff quarters. The mission is to provide safety and security to the area’s AIDS orphans, and care and support to the patients of this disease.

Bright Hope School is one way to help address the children’s needs. By running a sponsorship program in the school. it can provide classes from grades 1 – 7 as well as food, nutrition and vitamins. Children also receive free medical care provided by the clinic. The school has children who walk from their homes to attend daily as well as those who are residents. A Biblical foundation and education is provided to all students.

The EastLake Church network has been a longstanding partner with Bright Hope and HCCP, financially supporting the school and orphanage, individually sponsoring children, and sending teams to Uganda to work in the school and orphanage. It is our privilege to partner with Bright Hope and be a part of impacting lives for Jesus around the world.

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