Exam Day

“Thank you for your prayers, our school has been named one of the best in the country after the Examination released the results of Primary Leaving examinations on Thursday, Journalists also came to the school and took pictures and we are now in newspapers.” –Matovu Fred

When this message came in this past January it was filled with joy, accomplishment, and pride that comes from knowing just how huge these results were. If you have read some of the other information on the blog you are probably beginning to get a feel for what life is like at Bright Hope. But let’s unpack these tests scores for a moment.

The children in Uganda that are permitted to go to school receive standardize tests similar to those here in the U.S. The schools are graded based on those scores and when it comes to the older grades, children’s future job choices and income earning possibilities are often based off those test scores. They study and prepare hard, sometimes going into the dark of night to prepare for these yearly exams.

To have journalists come and take pictures, write about them, and be celebrated for all of their hard work is a beautiful thing. As I felt the joy rise up into tears, I reflected on the deeper truth: by meeting the basic needs of food and shelter, these children were thriving. That is what happens when we put love into action, this is the result of generosity.

Take a minute and imagine the joy on a child’s face from Bright Hope. Feel that happiness for them and pause to say a blessing of thanks. We thank God for the opportunity to partner with you and are collectively blessed by the work of the children and staff at Bright Hope.